Sunday, 31 July 2011

Kimmeridge to Worbarrow

We launched from Kimmeridge Bay and headed West along the coast past Broad Bench and Gad Cliff to Worbarrow Tout. Surf was breaking on Broad Bench so we kept our distance a little further off shore to avoind the worst of it.

A conscious decision was made to paddle back against the tide and the wind, mailny to get back to the car before the wind got any worse and partly to see how hard it was. Despite the head wind of up to 8 knots we made good progress but it was hard work and we were glad to round Broad Bench back into Kimmeridge Bay.

Total Time: 03:19:59Elevation Gain: 38 m
Moving Time: 02:14:015 Avg Moving Speed: 2.8 mph
Total Distance: 6.30 mi Max Speed: 4.2 mph