Sunday, 20 September 2009

Bath Balloon Flight

A hot air balloon flight starting from Royal Victoria Park, Bath heading roughly South out towards Wellow and Hinton Charter House.

Monday, 7 September 2009

Wild Camping on Dartmoor

Backpacking and sleeping wild on Dartmoor is tremendous under clear skies. Camping for one or two nights on the open land on Dartmoor is perfectly acceptable provided that you choose your spot sensibly and don't pitch your tent on farmland, on moorland enclosed by walls, within 100 metres of a road, on flood plains or on archaeological sites.

Interactive map of where you can legally wild camp on Dartmoor
Dartmoor camping code of conduct

Dartmoor National Park Authority wild camping advice

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Watern Tor Wild Camp, Dartmoor

Dartmoor wild camp at Watern Tor. Leaving the car at Belstone

we followed the lane through the village and down to the River Taw. Rowan trees draped in vivid red berries lined the banks of the river.

From Taw Marsh we climbed up onto Oke Tor to avoid the worst of the wet ground below before crossing the Taw at the head of Steeperton Gorge. From here it was up onto Steeperton Tor before heading across to Wild Tor and finally, Watern Tor





winds were South Westerly through South so we opted to pitch the tent to the West of the Watern Tor Thirlstone to give us some shelter from the wind. Unfortunately numerous sheep have had the same idea on previous nights so the low grass was smothered in sheep poo, mountains of the stuff :-(