Monday, 2 May 2011

Uisken, Isle of Mull

Launching from Uisken Beach where the car park is right at the beach and paddling east. Last time we paddled here there was a too much swell to leave the shelter of the bay. Today there was a brisk onshore wind but not too much swell. In one of the tiny coves we stopped and did some self rescue practice.

The tide had droppd on the return leg, forcing us to go around on the seaward side of one of the small islands. This was a little more exposed to wind and swell but still nothing major.

Total Time: 01:44:37Elevation Gain: 9 m
Moving Time: 01:05:25 Avg Moving Speed: 2.6 mph
Total Distance: 2.86 mi Max Speed: 4.0 mph