Saturday, 23 January 2010

Lingering Snow

Warm sunshine and blue skies made for a great day out in the Black Mountains with a bonus of lingering snow providing some amusement survival bag sledging in the valley above the Grwyne Fawr rerservoir :-)

The walk up from the car park at Blaen-y-cwm is long and gradual so is to be savoured. rarely have a I climbed an 800 meter mountain with so little effort and sweat. Unfortunately the routes highest point, Waun Fach is a horrible boggy mess and should quickly be passed by, stopping instead on the summit of Pen y Gadair Fawr which although lower than Waun Fach appears higher as you head towards it.

Friday, 1 January 2010


The high winds of the last couple of days have redistributed the snow significantly in the Lakes, making the fells less white but also making progress easier, rather than slogging through deep snow the summits and ridges has been scoured. In the picture above you can see Mo and the dogs enjoying the view from Ard Crags above the Newlands Valley near Keswick.

I got to use my new Memory Map Adventurer 2800 today in anger as well and am very pleased with it. Anyone who has used Memory Map with their PDA or Smartphone will feel right at home. I will put up a review later.